Gurneys Fish Shop

Gurneys was set up by Mike Gurney around forty years ago when he learnt to grow oysters in the creeks and how to smoke fish.

Our first fish shop in Brancaster was just ten square feet and was known as the Hole in the wall. It was the first fishmongers on the coast road.

In 1992 we opened up in Burnham Market selling the very best in locally produced smoked fish, shellfish and wet fish, mainly landed locally.

Brown Shrimps

Our Brown Shrimps are caught in the shallow waters of the Wash and are landed at King’s Lynn. They are boiled on board the shrimp boats, peeled on shore and delivered to our shop where they are sold loose or potted with spices and butter to our traditional recipe.

Ian Fleming was known to eat Potted Shrimp at Scotts Restaurant on Mount Street in London where it is still served to this day. This love for the delicacy was passed on to his fictional creation James Bond.


Our Crabs are landed at Cromer, Wells and Brancaster Staithe. They are one of the great treats for the seafood lover and are available throughout the year, but they are at their best and most plentiful during spring and summer. It is thought the secret of their distinct sweetness lies in the chalk substrate they inhabit.

Dressed Crabs, whole boiled crabs, white crab meat, crab pâté, crab cakes

Oysters and Mussels

Brancaster harbour’s creeks and channels offer the ideal conditions needed for growing oysters and mussels. The mussels are laid down in the channels as seeds and over a period of 2 years they are nurtured until they are ready for harvesting. Tom Large comes from a long line of Brancaster fishermen who have supplied the area with excellent quality shellfish for generations. Between September and April Tom brings in daily deliveries of his live mussels.

Our Oysters are cultivated by Richard Loose not far from Scolt Head Island. They are introduced at thumbnail size and after eighteen months they are harvested. Unlike the native oyster they are available throughout the year. Come to our shop and we’ll open one up for you to taste.


Norfolk Lobster is renowned for its quality and flavour and has to be the finest shellfish available from these Norfolk Waters. Our Lobsters are landed at Brancaster Staithe almost all year round by Simon Letzer with his boat Speedwell. Contact us now to book yours or come into the shop and choose your own. They are available cooked and live and can be dressed for you if required. Extra large lobsters are also available.


We sell a wide variety of fish landed at small local harbours such as Wells-next-the-Sea and Brancaster Staithe. These range from cod and seabass to mackerel, squid and sea trout and sometimes even an odd brill or halibut – we sell more sea bass than all the other species put together. Finally we shouldn’t miss out the humble mullet or the highly prized dover sole which are also netted locally.